about the artist

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Carrie’s style of painting is in the realm of contemporary realism.    She focuses on one subject matter and strives to bring out the details in the subject while evoking a certain emotion.  When painting a portrait, human or animal, Carrie’s goal is to bring out the true personality and character of that individual or pet.

She works in oils using a monochromatic palette to lay down her initial forms.  She then applies layers of color on top of this underpainting in order to mold the painting into its final form.  This technique gives her paintings a sense of warmth,  depth and color harmony.

Carrie is the mother of three aspiring hockey players (she does live in Canada after all!)  and lives with her husband Byron in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  After a rewarding career as a transplant and research nurse, Carrie now paints full-time.  In her spare time, she works with her Portuguese Waterdog Boots, as a Pet Therapy volunteer at the Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton.

She has taken a number of professional workshops, most recently from Rick Weaver in March of 2009, from Xiaming Wu in August of 2008, from Robert Johnson in 2007 and from John Banovich in 2012.

For more information on a painting or how to commission a painting, please contact Carrie Dudley at c.dudley@shaw.ca